Blood Pact Blogging

I always think to myself “That guy is wrong, and I could’ve written a much better post on that topic” …and yet it never happens. So I’m stating it here for everyone to see: I’m going to write a useful, hopefully witty and interesting blog posts every day for a whole month.

Consider it reverse cold turkey quitting.

It’d be stupid if I were doing it alone, but I’ve managed to convince 9 other people to make the same pact with me. I’ve even gone ahead and picked an overly dramatic name for the event, “Blood Pact Blogging”. I mean if ten people agree it must be smart, right?

I’m not sure what’s actually going to happen. Will we make it? How many will fall? Will it suck?

For posterity, here’s what I hope we each accomplish:

  • Get better at writing.
  • Write more in general.
  • Writing comes more easily.
  • Publishing comes more easily.
  • Generate some traffic, readers, and discussion.
  • Learn something.
  • Have fun.
  • Write under pressure.
  • Write about something we didn't think we'd write about.

Should I only experience a couple of these bullet points, this will have been worth it. Andalong the way, a whole bunch of my friends will have written a whole bunch of neat things!

Wish us luck, and if you’re interested in following our progress go to

2009 Feb 07
Timothy Fitz
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